Saddle up! Western Saloon No.2 is here.

We are happy to now have a new Western Saloon mini-project available for you to add to your western themed collection of models.

This newest installment is also the perfect companion to the Western Saloon No.1 mini-project we released last year.

 Nothing says western saloon like a rustic cowboy hat, and a couple of cactus... not to mention the vulture and traditional Texas style star.  

One of the cactus has been designed to be a perch for the hungry looking vulture.  


If you liked the first Western Saloon mini-project this one is sure to be the perfect companion.

Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments... and if you purchase this mini-project be sure to email us an image of your finished piece.  We would love to see it!

Thank for stopping by... be safe and let the chips fly!

CNCminiProjects Team