Celebrate the Irish in ya with a wee bit of Celtic!

Introducing the Celtic Frame No.1 mini-project!

Don't let the name limit your imagination.  Yes it can be used to create just about any-sized frame but what about a mantel, newel post or even a furniture collection?  Oh... I forgot to mention jewelry... ooh yes!!!!

This mini-Project is packed with 7 models:
- 3 blank frame bits
- 4 Celtic knots.
Thats a deal for $25.00!

Order and Download it today!

With St. Patrick's day just around the corner this might be the perfect "Weekend CNC Warrior" fix.  

Cheers... and grab a Guinness on us with the $5.00 you'll save when you use this discount code during checkout - 5198C600 !  You won't hurt our feelings if you share the code or use it more then once just remember it is only valid till March 31st - 2013.