Jevon Lewis - "Weekend CNC Warrior" Approved!

It's always nice surprise to open up our email and find a customer submitted image of one of our mini-projects in use.  Jevon blew us away with how the use of different stains can make a finished project pop. 

"Thank you for this quick and easy weekend project.  The models were high quality and easy to machine."  Jevon

We love to hear that!

Jevon used the Mothers Garden No.1's project sheet for inspiration... and turned around and inspired all of us!

Thanks again Jevon for all the great picture and comments.  Consider yourself...  Weekend CNC Warrior Approved!

We love to hear from our customers so if you have created a project with one of our mini-projects feel free to send us an image or two!  We want to see it and we will be sure to post it here in our blog: if you let us.

Thanks for reading... and if you made it this far please leave a comment!  

Happy and Safe CNC'ing!!!!