Just getting things going.

Thanks for stopping in and for taking an interest in CNCminiProjects.com.

I thought I might take a second to introduce the modeling team (should only take a second... it's just me): Todd Bailey.  

You might know my work from 4m3D.com or from VA3D.com. I have been modeling bas-reliefs for the CNC industry since 1999 and am still going strong.  

I am hoping to make this a go-to site for those Weekend CNC Warriors out there that just need to get a project designed, programmed and machined.  Something that looks good and makes a great impression ... and can maybe even make you a bit of money. 

For now I'm just getting things set up and all of the site filled in with some information and goodies.  

Check back shortly and I should have plenty of goodness for you to work through.  

See ya soon.