Tony Duderewicz's Welcome Sign!

Nothing pairs better with Family and Friends than a good bottle wine or a great looking welcome sign!  

"Welcome Family & Friends"

"Here is a welcome sign I did out of maple with a English chestnut stain. Used the models from Wine Bar #1, and the font is called "Lobster 1.4". I used V-Carve Pro from Vectric to design it."

Tony also used the heart from free Heat and Ribbon Getting Started project.  Pocketing around the models give the sign a great old wine cellar look!  This layout could be easily customized for all sorts of uses.  How about a wedding gift, cellar sign or maybe even an anniversary gift.

Thanks Tony for the great inspiration and taking the time to share your finished project with us!

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Hack of the Week No.123

"Love the Wine you're With" Wine Bottle Coaster

Trying to find a unique gift for a wedding or anniversary celebration?   With the release of our Wine Bar No.2 project making a wonderful and customized one of a kind gift is within your reach! 

"Love the Wine you're With"

This wine bottle coaster was created using models from these projects:

Fonts used are:

  • Pristina, Palatino Linotype

Note - This hack was assembled in Aspire V8 for presentation purposes.  It could have been done in VCarve Pro V8 or VCarve Desktop.

Why not hack together your own layout mixing and matching models from other projects or from your own library!  For some great inspiration check out our  hacks page!

Wine pairs nicely with a Design and Make CNC project!

Possible Layout

Another Possible Layout

All 11 Models

Assembled Layout

Project Sheet


This project includes 11 models:

  • Grapes No.2
  • Grape Leaf No.2
  • Grape Leaf No.3
  • Grape Vine No.1
  • Grape Vine No.2
  • Grape Vine No.3
  • Grape Vine No.4
  • Wine Bottle Coaster No.1
  • Wine Bottle Coaster No.2
  • Wine Bottle Coaster No.3
  • Wine Coaster No.1

Plus 1 Assembled Layout and 3 Project Sheets for just $30.00

Order and Download it today!

Above are a few other very quick layouts that just might get you inspired!

Hope you enjoy this project...

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