Installed a project and can't find the Project Sheet?

A question we seem to get often is:

"I can't find the Project Sheet for the project I just installed.  Where did it go?"

The answer is on the FAQ page but we felt it deserved it's own Shop Notes post... so here it is.

If you are using the Vectric Installer than anything that is included in the project will be installed into the project directory.   That is located in the Vectric clip-art folder under the specific project's name. You will need to use your Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder to see it. 

If you have downloaded a zip file than anything that is included in the project will be installed into the folder where you have chosen to unzip the file. 

Hope that helps.

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The Design and Make/CNCProjects Team

VCarve Pro users this post is for you!

We are very excited about Vectric’s recent new release of VCarve Pro version 8. Previously only Aspire users could work with our projects but one of the major new features for VCarve is the ability to import multiple 3D models in their V3M file-format. As all our projects are available as V3M’s and so anyone upgrading to VCarve Pro version 8 will be able to work with any of our designs in the software! You can read more about the new release, watch videos (including one on how to assemble clip-art) and download a free trial version to check out the new features from this page on the Vectric website: What’s New in VCarve Pro V8. For our Aspire using customers you also have some excellent new tools available in the upgrade too: What’s New in Aspire V8.

Along with this new release Vectric have also added the VCarve Desktop edition, this is perfect for anyone with a smaller light-duty machine looking to add some serious design and machining capability at an affordable price, best of all this can also import and assemble any of our projects too! You can read about the full VCarve range of software here:

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The Design and Make It Team

Shop Gear that is "Weekend CNC Warrior" approved!

We are excited to be opening our new "Shop Gear" section of on March 10th, 2014!  We hope this will become the place to purchase great shop gear that is "Weekend CNC Warrior" approved!

For opening day we have 2 great products on our shelves. One that is a perfect piece of software for turning your ideas into reality and a limited run wearable that is sure to turn heads!   

Keep an eye on the shop or make sure you are on the mailing list so you will know when we add new items... and we have a few already in the works.

Introducing ArtCAM Express Starter Pack for the "Weekend CNC Warrior"!  

The stock ArtCAM Express install with our special little twist: 1 hour of support, Dish Shaped No.1 mini-project, $25.00 discount code and more.  All that for the Standard ArtCAM Express price of $150.00 USD!

Check it out.

Our first limited run "Weekend CNC Approved" t-shirt!  

We have partnered up with to run a 21 day t-shirt campaign.  In that time frame we are looking to have pre-orders for 25 shirts.  

If you pre-order you will only get charged if we reach our goal of 25 pre-orders... we can sell more but we need a minimum of 25. 

Pre-order today... while you can!

Thanks for considering these products to help support what CNCminiProjects is doing... we appreciate it VERY much!!!

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The CNCminiProjects team