Aye, aye, Captain!! Lets make your next cnc project seaworthy!  

Living near the coast or love to sail?  How about the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves?  Do you have family in the Navy or friends who own their own sail boat?  This just might be the perfect mini-project to float their boat!  

Shipyard No.1 - All Models.jpg

We have designed a few neat features into this mini-project that will make it even easier to use and re-use.  These features include:
- Cabin plaque and banner that accepts v-carving or even the addition of raised text.
Plaque has a flat bottomed dished center so it will except almost any model and will also let you get the most "Z" depth out of the added model.

Put away that mop, and get that CNC doing what it was made to do... or we'll make you walk the plank!

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Hack this Mini-Project!

The Navy Honor plaque above is made using the models from 2 projects:

The font used to simulate the v-carving is called DellaRobbiaBT.

WOW... that's a hack!

The Shipyard No.1 project contains the following models and project sheet.


To get you started on your next weekend project we have included this assembled layout.

Project Sheet

Food for thought.
Ideas for other combinations of this project.

In case you need...

The vector outlines for all of the models in this project you can download them from this link:

DXF - Outlines

In case you wanted to know... 

Font used in the renderings is called - 

  • DellaRobbiaBT


Share an image of a finished project that uses one of our models and get it posted here! WOW!!!! 

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This CNCminiProject was created for all you "sea dogs" and to keep you dreaming of the open sea.