The Western Scenes Collection includes all 5 Western Scenes projects. On this page you are able to purchase all 5 projects for a special purchase price of $200.00 saving $50 over buying them individually.

This discount is only available with the purchase of all five projects made from this page and cannot be retroactively applied after buying the individual projects. 

Important:  The collection you are about to add to your cart has been derived from the “Design and Carve Series – 1B Western Scenes Disk” previously available from Vector Art 3D.  If you already own that disk then we recommend that you should not purchase this collection or any of the Western Scenes products as the original disk already contains the majority of this content.

Please ensure you have read the important information on this page before purchasing this collection, if you're ready to proceed then please choose the appropriate file-type from the three choices below.

VECTRIC(V3M) - $200.00 USD

VCarve Desktop, VCarve Pro V8 and Aspire

OTHER(STL) - $200.00 USD