Once you have one of the Western Scenes projects you are sure to want to add to your collection.  There are 5 individual projects that make up our Western Scenes Collection.  All of these projects are available to purchase individually from the Project Shop for $50.00 each.  Before you purchase one or two though you might want to know that if all 5 are purchased at one time you save $50 on the total purchase price and pay only $200.

This discount is only available with purchases of all five projects made from this page and cannot be retroactively applied after buying the individual projects.  



The collection you are about to add to your cart have been derived from the “Design and Carve Series – 1B Western Scenes Disk” previously available from Vector Art 3D.  If you already own that disk then we recommend that you should not purchase this collection or any of the Western Scenes products as the original disk already contains the majority of this content.

54 Individual Models

5 projects equals 54 individual models for you to machine on their own, mix and match or hack together to create endless layouts and projects!!

10 Pre-Assembled Layouts

Each project contains 2 assembled layouts (10 in total) to get you up and started fast creating projects.  Cut them on their own or add a bit of V-Carving to create a personal project or special gift.

That's 64 models for one great price!!!

Plus 5 Project Sheets

Like all of our other projects each Western Scenes CNC project comes with it's own Project Sheet to keep you inspired!

Limitless Possibilities For Hacking

These projects have been created using models from the popular Design & Carve series and have been designed to work very well together.  You'll be able to "hack"  these 'till the cows come home!  

A Little Help To Get You Started

We created two videos to help get you started with this collection. In the videos we demonstrate how to create 2 different layouts using models from the projects included in this collection.    

Thanks James Patton!

Customer Submitted Final Projects

Check out these finished pieces by some of our customers!  If these don't get 'ya'll worked up about the potential of this collection we're not sure what will.

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Food for thought.
Ideas for other layouts using this collection.

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