Hard to imagine a neighborhood street anywhere in North America that has never been host to an impromptu game of football.  Grabbing the old "pigskin" and tossing the perfect spiral is something many young men have done and others are still trying to master.

Weather your past has been filed with tackles, sacks or just flags, football is in your blood.  Some of you have been lucky enough to play on a pro team, in a pick-up league or just dream while watching their team from the comfort of their official sports chair (while enjoying their official sports drink).

You may have a kid or two that plays on a local team or you're a couch fan that would like to have a slick piece of wall art for their private sports bar?  If you are any of that or know of a few local leagues that would like custom plaque or award made this is the mini-project for you!

We have designed a few neat features into this mini-project that will make it even easier to use and re-use.  Things like:
- V-carve friendly areas on the football jersey
- Helmet that can accept a team logo 
- Sports plaque with a dished out center ready to accept just about any model in your collection

If you or someone you know likes a little touch football, rooting for their favorite big boy team or just catches that big game every year this mini-project will have many uses.  Even if you can't toss a spiral to save your life... Yikes!

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The Pick-Up League Football project contains the following models and project sheet.


To get you started on your next weekend project we have included this assembled layout.

Project Sheet

Food for thought.
Ideas for other combinations of this project.

In case you wanted to know... 

Font used in the renderings is called -  

  • GeoSlab

Font used in the Project Sheet for this project is called -

  • GeoSlab

Here are some great football slogans, for the new to football, the football challenged, or (use at your own risk) if you need a bit of help impressing the others at the sports bar. (click here)

Thanks Weekend CNC Warriors for these project images!

Thanks to  Tom Watson  for this great picture!!! 

Thanks to Tom Watson for this great picture!!! 

Thanks  Jevon Lewis ! Super finish!

Thanks Jevon Lewis! Super finish!

Thanks to  Tom Watson  for this great picture!!! 

Thanks to Tom Watson for this great picture!!! 

Thanks Kevin Kennedy for this nice picture of his finished work!

Thanks Jevon Lewis! Nice looking project!!

Thanks Jevon Lewis! Using the plaque form the Basketball mini-project... Love this hack! 

Share an image of a finished project that uses one of our models and get it posted here! WOW!!!! 

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This CNCminiProject was created for the love of football!  Hike!