Carl and Don just keep hacking around!

These Weekend CNC Warriors seem to really enjoy project hacking and keep sending in their very inspirational hack ideas.  Some of these hack will become finished pieces and some have been hacked together just for fun.

Carl Hind-Rutter

Layout for a stool.

Layout for a stool.


Carl was inspired by the Let's Ride No.1 project and felt it would make for a great start to a steampunk hack.  He added in a bit of raised text and a gear using his CarveWright software.

Looking good Carl!


Don Harding

This is a fun one... using the On the Lake Cottage Sign project.  Still a work in progress but it's a great start!

Don keeps on hacking, not only to help build his layout skills but also for inspiration.

These hacks are a few he printed out and hung in his shop to keep the creative juices flowing!


This is one of his hacks that made it to a finished piece.  We love the way he used the round circle shape from the Mother's Garden No.1 project and the pan head motor from the Let's Ride No.1 project!  

Keep those hacks coming Don!

15.5 Dia x 1" Thick


Why not hack together your own layout mixing and matching models form other projects or from your own library!  For some great inspiration check out our  hacks page!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The Design and Make/CNCProjects Team